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New Citrus Varieties from UF Citrus Breeding Program

Two Horticultural Sciences researchers, Dr. Fred Gmitter and Dr. Jude Grosser have developed three new citrus cultivars that offer substantial improvements over current varieties. Drs. Gmitter and Grosser are citrus breeders at the UF Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred.


A new tangerine is one of several new citrus varieties released by the University of Florida

A new tangerine is one of several new citrus varieties released by the University of Florida

Just last week the new citrus cultivars were approved for release, so they will now be tested by various growers and then eventually commercialized.  The first variety is a sweet orange selected for its low seed numbers, high soluble solids, exceptional juicing qualities, and strong mid-season production.

The second release is an early-season Hamlin sweet orange. This selection also offers superior juice color and excellent soluble solid profiles making it ideal for processing, as well as early season production.

The third selection released is a seedless fresh-market tangerine.  This particular fruit is extremely sweet and flavorful, and has been a favorite of school kids visiting the laboratory in Lake Alfred.

The committees that approve releases have all had an opportunity to sample the new products.  The results were unanimous that these releases shared exceptional flavor and sweetness, and the lack of seeds was also recognized.

The release of these three new cultivars is exciting because it is the first step in their wide commercialization.  These newly approved releases follow on the heels of nine other new cultivars that were previously approved for release, including other seedless mandarins, deep red-fleshed pummelos, and a grapefruit hybrid that may circumvent the so-called Grapefruit Juice Effect.  The industry is always seeking improved citrus varieties for juice and the fresh market.  UF researchers in the Horticultural Sciences Department are helping to meet that need.


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Welcome to the UF Horticultural Sciences Blog

The faculty here in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida are a dynamic and productive group.  The faculty consists of twenty-eight faculty in Gainesville and twenty-eight more in relevant production areas Statewide.  This concentration in Gainesville and dispersal throughout the state provides a strong connection between basic and applied science.

This blog was started because discoveries, publications and distinguished recognition in the field are frequent, cutting edge, and yielding substantial impact.  A standard website does not accurately convey the stream of scientific excellence achieved here everyday.

As you read the blog you’ll observe that all of our programs are united by a common thread of relevance.  Relevance to basic science, relevance to its application, relevance to teaching and relevance to horticultural crop production statewide.

We hope you take the time to peruse this blog and discover short reviews of spotlighted research, teaching and extension activities of the Horticultural Sciences Department.

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