Genetic Solutions in Maize Nutritional Content

English: Maize/corn kernels

English: Maize/corn kernels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to genes an environment ineract to affect nutrition?

USDA and University of Florida Horticultural Sciences researchers characterized the mineral nutritional content of maize recombinant inbred lines to identify quantitative trait loci impacting kernel quality in a broad set of environments. This research identifies several key genes that can be used to biofortify  corn for improved nutritional content.  The UF work was performed by the laboratory of Dr. Mark Settles.

Baxter IR, Gustin JL, Settles AM, Hoekenga OA (2013) Ionomic Characterization of Maize Kernels in the Intermated B73 × Mo17 Population. Crop Science 53: 208-220. 


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