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Hannah’s Work Recognized as “Editor’s Choice”





Two articles published recently in Plant Physiology have been chosen as “Editor’s Choice”. Horticultural Sciences professor Dr. Curt Hannah was a key author on both publications.  They were commissioned by the International Food Biotechnology Committee to examine the state of the research, along with the potential risks and benefits of “stacked” traits in genetically-modified crops.

The articles address a number of important questions related to genomic instability and potential interactions between unrelated traits that could potentially impact product safety. Both articles may be viewed without charge at the IFBC website


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Biotechnology Science and Policy Discussion at CATO

Interim Chairman Dr. Kevin Folta presented a position on the current state of biotechnology.  The presentation was delivered at the CATO Institute in Washington DC.

The CATO Institute organized the event as a debate between biotechnology critics and others supporting the technology.  However, the critics, Jeffrey Smith and Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini declined to participate in the event.   Folta was accompanied by Emmy Award winning journalist Jon Entine and Karl Haro Von Mogel from the University of Wisconsin.



A webcast of the video and the complete story can be seen here on Biology Fortified.

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