Wired Magazine Praises UF Horticulture Scientists

A “new breed of breeder” – that’s how Wired magazine described UF Horticultural Sciences professor Vance Whitaker for his work on improving the flavor of strawberries.

Whitaker, along with other researchers from UF’s strawberry breeding program, has identified the  genetic data that produces aromatic strawberry flavors that consumers love. This work is revolutionary because most breeders select plants based on traits that are desirable to fruit producers, like size, color, shelf-life, and disease resistance. While these traits are important for large-scale strawberry production, they are often chosen instead of the traits that produce things consumers love, like flavor, aroma and nutrition.


Read Wired’s take here: http://www.wired.com/2015/06/genetic-quest-make-strawberries-taste-great/


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