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UF Hort Scientists Identify Genetic Traits for Blueberry Flavor

blueberries-690072_640After a three-year study examining consumer desire, University of Florida Horticultural Sciences  researchers were able to determine which biochemical compounds in blueberries produced flavors people liked the most.

Now that these compounds are identified, UF blueberry scientists like Jim Olmsted  now have specific breeding targets to improve flavor.

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Florida Agriculture Employment Growing

In an economy where jobs hard to come by, Florida’s agriculture sector employment is still growing. A new UF/IFAS report shows the number Florida residents working in agriculture, natural resources and food industries reached 1.52 million people in 2013, which is an 8.7 percent increase from 2012.

This increase is part of almost 15-year industry trend. Employment in Florida agriculture has seen 19.7 percent growth since 2001, making it the biggest employer in the state.

To read the full report, click here:

The report reflects data from 2013, the most recent year in which figures were available.

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UF Hort Offers First Bilingual Course

The University of Florida is offering its first ever bilingual course to horticulture students this semester. The four-week course, called Nutrient Management in Container Crops, is offered in English and Spanish. This class was designed for farmers and the horticulture industry, but it can be taken online by graduate and undergraduate students.

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